I *heart* our neighbors

July 19, 2008

It’s 27 + degrees outside and the blower motor on our furnace went last night…of course today is Saturday so to get anyone to even diagnose the problem would cost about $200. After two phone calls to companies from the yellow pages with no response Jason went next door to ask the neighbor if he could recommend anyone. Randy (our neighbor) is building a patio and another neighbor down from down the street is helping him. Said neighbor happens to work for a HVAC company…he offered to come take a look, it will cost us a case of beer. So know we know for sure it is the motor (we were only guessing before) and we can order the part. Neighbor down the street even offered to help Jason install it next week. And since we’re out AC for the foreseeable future Randy offered to open up his pool for us to take Isaac for a swim to cool off later this afternoon. These same neighbors have helped us out numerous times, letting us do laundry when the washer and dryer broke (at different times always RIGHT before company was about to arrive and it was there sheets that were dirty/wet) and other various neighborly assists. I love our neighbors…nothing beats sharing your neighborhood with good people


3 Responses to “I *heart* our neighbors”

  1. Jen Says:

    Yay for great neighbours and water babies!! Aren’t those sun suits the bomb? We have been making lots of visits to Barb’s pool with Nate lately too!

  2. eva Says:

    That baby belly! Sooo cute! Swimming with Megan is one of our favourite activities – all that cuddling, the buoyancy, the post-swim exhaustion – awesome!

  3. lisalou Says:

    I want a nice neighbour with a pool! What Fun!

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