One Month

July 16, 2008


You are one month old today!!! I can’t believe you’ve already been with us that long! You are a wonderful addition to our family and are already loved to bits by all who meet you. You have had a steady stream of visitors since birth. Your Grandma Char was there for your birth and smitten right from the start, then at the tender young age of six days old you took your first (of many) trips to Ottawa to pick up Grandpa Lorne. They stayed for four days and soaked up the love and cuddles before they had to head home. You and I survived our first week at home alone and even though some days were better than others, you always gave me at least an hour to get some laundry done. It helped that your Papa came home to lunch everyday to either cuddle you or make some lunch for your Mama.

You spent your first Canada Day in Ottawa with your Nana Sheri and were an absolute angel while we stayed at her house. Then just a few days later we headed back to Ottawa to pick up your Grandma Trudy and Aunt Heather. They are still here as I write this…in fact that is why I am able to write this using two hands; otherwise you like to be held and cuddled and only recently are cool with being put down on your back.

We don’t have much of a routine yet, we just seem to run on Isaac time. You are a champion eater and think that if Mama is holding you, you should be eating. In fact you weighed in today at 10 lbs 1 oz, gaining over two pounds since birth. You also want to be fed NOW, none of this fussing for attention then waiting for you. You have tummy troubles some days and nights that stop you from sleeping very well. As a result we still cheer every burp and toot. Thankfully we’ve found that walking you soothes you to sleep so you don’t have to scream through the pain. You don’t like when your diaper is cold and wet, but you’re not always a fan of being changed either. You live for cuddles and your Papa and I could spend hours just staring at you. You like your evening baths with Papa, but aren’t a big fan of getting out and getting dressed. Your Papa is very good at consoling you when you’re gassy or fussy and likes to sing you silly songs.

Much to your Mama’s dismay (and pleasure…I know it doesn’t make sense, but that’s life as the Mama) you’ve had no problem taking to your soother (suss) or taking the bottle from your Papa or Grandma. I really didn’t want to introduce either for at least another two weeks, but sometimes you just need to suck to sooth yourself so we tried the suss and while you still need help to get started it works about 60% of the time; sometimes though nothing but the breast will do to sooth you, even if you’re not hungry, but those times you fall to sleep quickly and want to be cuddled on someones chest for a few minutes before you are put down in either your chair or on your back. We also didn’t intend to co-sleep with you, we even bought you a skookum organic natural rubber mattress, but you had other plans and for the first few weeks would sleep no where but on our chests. Now we can place you on your back in our bed about 30% of the time, but you still like to know we are close squawk every once and while just to be sure we’ll respond with a touch.

You have a million nicknames already, you are our squawk box, squirmy worm, noodle man, fussy britches, sonny jim, little lamb; you are our baby boy, our little man and our son; above all Isaac James you are loved more than you will ever know.


7 Responses to “One Month”

  1. jermangirl Says:

    Awwww…you got me all teary eyed Jackie! Such a beautiful letter! Sounds like you are settling into motherhood perfectly! I can’t wait to read more about your little man as he grows!

  2. eva Says:

    What a sweet sweet letter! I can’t believe it’s been a month already. We also spent the first month co-sleeping, then were able to put Megan into her bassinette swaddled tightly after bouncing or feeding her to sleep. Make the most of having those helpful guests around:)

  3. eva Says:

    ps – consider yourself VERY LUCKY that you’ve got Isaac going with the bottle this early in the game…it will be really helpful down the road, even though it hurts a bit to have him not 100% dependent on Mom 🙂

  4. eva Says:

    Should have said VERY SMART!

  5. Kimmy Says:

    Oh wow Jackie, I’m just getting caught up on reading your blog as I have not had a chance to read it since you had Isaac and I’m a blubbering mess! He is so beautiful, I can’t wait to see you guys in August. Take care until then, and take advantage of those naps!! 🙂

  6. Gillian Says:

    Very sweet Jackie! Isaac is so lucky to have a momma like you! We always call Nate a squirmy worm too… but just you wait! You think Isaac can squirm now? It only gets worse! lol

  7. lisalou Says:

    Wow. You’ve been busy. I swear our babies are so similar. Except Ruby doesn’t like baths:)

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