New walking partner

July 9, 2008

I have a new walking partner…he is a little inexperienced but very motivating and usually gets me out for at least one 40 – 60 min walk a day…if not two; regardless of the weather.

Isaac is a very gassy little guy…I hesitate to say colic since I’ve read that colic can’t be soothed, Isaac can easily be soothed, he likes to be walked. But not in a stroller…no sir, he likes his carriers and so far they are fool proof for settling a cranky gassy little man. If I walk him he is guaranteed to sleep for the whole walk and usually at least ten minutes once we get home (up to an hour if he really was tired). Otherwise, if I just nurse and rock him to sleep when he’s gassy, the best I get is 20 min to an hour…which leads to a cranky boy. So glad we found something that works and lets him sleep through his gas pains though…it’s hard to watch him in pain and be able to do nothing.


2 Responses to “New walking partner”

  1. eva Says:

    Yay for carriers! Which one(s) are you using? Photos please!:)

  2. jermangirl Says:

    I’m with Eva – photos of carriers please! He is getting bigger already!

    Hopefully with each passing day, as his digestive system develops, he’ll get better! And you can get some more rest! Btu at least you know about babywearing and can take advantage of it!

    My new GypsyMama BaliBreeze arrived today and I’m in love 🙂

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