July 7, 2008

… was day of firsts for me.

First time Isaac peed on me; there was even a repeat performance a  few hours later…at least the boy is hydrated.

First time I made Isaac bleed; I cut his little finger while trying to cut his nails… thankfully he made a face but didn’t cry,so neither did I…but I felt really bad and gave him lots of kisses and apologies.

First time I got Isaac and Bailey out for a walk with just me…as an added bonus, Isaac spent the entire walk sleeping in his stroller…usually I end up carrying him and pushing the stroller.

First time we tried breastfeeding lying down…don’t think we’ll do this again. I fell asleep and my little Hoover did not…ouch.


One Response to “Today…”

  1. eva Says:

    LOVE that breastfeeding lying down story! Totally relate. My MIL said she almost always nursed her kids lying down and I just don’t get it.
    Don’t relate on the peeing. Have fun with your boy!

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