Canada Day on Parliament Hill

July 2, 2008

I have yet to find a Canada Day celebration that is bigger and better than the one held in our Nation’s capital. When Jason heard that Blue Rodeo was playing this year we decided to pack up the kid and head to Ottawa once again to visit Sheri. The icing on the cake was that Jason was given Monday off so we had a four day long weekend which allowed us to spend the first half relaxing at home before we headed out for our Canada Day celebrations. We left at a decent time on Monday afternoon and had a fabulous sushi dinner with my Godmom; Isaac was an absolute angel during dinner and over night…after the night before though, we were due for some solid sleep 😉

Since Sheri lives right downtown and is easy walking distance from Parliament, we had a restful morning hanging at her place then headed out just after 11h00 to catch the noon show. There where a tonne of people and a virtual sea of red.

All the adults in our party were party poopers (none of us had any red to wear) but Isaac was dressed for the occasion.

The sun was out in full force, but Isaac did quite well in his stroller which provided ample shade.

To make up for the lack of red worn by the Adults, Sheri had her face painted and picked up a bandana for herself and her ‘little boy’ Cooper.

After Blue Rodeo played (they saved the best for last) we headed back to Sheri’s to cool off for a bit before heading out for an early dinner.

Since Jason had to work this morning we didn’t stick around for the evening show and fireworks; we figure we’ll have ample opportunity once we’re living in Ottawa.


One Response to “Canada Day on Parliament Hill”

  1. eva Says:

    SO JEALOUS that you saw Blue Rodeo for free! Also, love the way you write time like a true military woman: 11h00. It would never occur to me to write time like that:)

    ps – Isaac. Adorable. And good for you for doing all this trekking with him!

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