I am an idiot

June 28, 2008

My little boy napped for three-hours yesterday during the day…twice…and I did not; as a result he was a lot happier to stay awake until 3h00 than I was. He had a pretty solid sleep (for Isaac) from 3 – 7 with only a little fussing, and I’ve napped on and off with him this a.m…but apparently I don’t learn from my mistakes since he’s napping right now and I obviously am not. On a much more exciting note…he is napping IN his basket, no ON my or Jason’s chest, AND he woke up to fuss and settled himself back down WHILE remaining IN the basket…yay Isaac!


Some Firsts

June 28, 2008

<—-First Bath at home with Papa (Papa is the bathing king – Mama is the milk lady)

First diner out —>

<—First walk to the field with dogs

First Harley-Davidson–>

First assisted tricycle ride—>

road trip!

June 25, 2008

we took Isaac to Ottawa on Sunday to meet my dad at the airport. Since we’re running on Isaac time now we didn’t get out of here until 11h00, but we had a nice visit with my godmom, her brother and his family.

Sheri and Isaac

Barron, Logan, Isaac and I

Meeting Grandpa B at the airport


June 25, 2008

No, not with motherhood…things are great on that front… my darn blog is frustrating me! I have written at least two great posts that are nothing without pictures and suddenly I can’t get any pictures to display on my blog…Argggg! Off to nap, maybe I’ll try later tonight.

And the Winner is….

June 20, 2008

Eva at surprised suburban wife, the first guess! Isaac James Towle was born on June 16th at 10h51, weighing in at 7 lbs 14 oz and 19 1/2 inches in length. More on the birth story to come, for now I’m going to eat and take a nap; the little man fed on and off from 12h00 – 5h00 last night and I got maybe one hour of sleep, but things are going well and both mom and babe are happy and healthy. Eva I’ll send you an e-mail to get info about what you want for Megan a soaker or longies.

When picking up our new to us nursery furniture I came across a used glider that looked nice, but it was blue. I convinced Jason that if we liked the glider we could pick it up and I could refinish it. I’ve never done anything like it before, but I told him with confidence…it would be no problem; then I made him come with me to Walmart (I know, I know, but sometimes that’s where I can get the fabric I really want) to pick out an acceptable fabric (he has better taste than me in furniture). So here are some pics of said glider:




we’re pretty happy with how it turned out…now hopefully the chosen material will with stand the use it will see in the near future. On the bright side, I already know it wipes clean pretty easily and I pricked my finger with sewing the back cushion and bled all over the darn thing. Stay tuned for more nursery pics coming soon.

BTW…no baby yet, so the no baby give away is still open, just leave a comment with your guess of sex and birthday for Baby T and we’ll see who is closest.

Pregnancy Update

June 14, 2008

While first and foremost…yup…still pregnant (not that we’re getting impatient over here or anything). I still feel great and am able to walk everyday; although with current heat we’re more inclined to take the dogs for a swim that to walk, unfortunately the water while wade-worthy…is not swim worthy for humans at the moment. I have been having some serious Braxton-Hicks contractions at night, but nothing that keeps me up and nothing that feels like a real contraction must feel like. I had a doctors appointment on yesterday and he said all looks well and if I make it to my appointment next week than they’ll do an internal check and an ultrasound to see how much fluid is around baby. He said he’ll let me go 10 days overdue with no intervention, but that’s it. So this progressive thoughts for us over here and hope I don’t make it to next weeks appointment.