May 28, 2008

I got the phone call today and a doctor in Amherstview has agreed to take on Baby T! Yep, that is a bit of a drive, but family doctors are HARD to come by in this town and I’ve been fretting for awhile now about finding one for the baby. It was made more difficult by the fact that Jason and I do not have a family doctor because the military doctors take care of us…they will not take care of dependents (for obvious reasons such as the same doctor shortages that are touching the rest of the city). Anyhow that is a huge weight off my shoulders.

As the due date approaches I think back on Jen’s blog before Nate was born and everyone was asking how she felt and if she was ready. Not in this neck of the woods, I’ve had a few mama’s ask in passing when I’m due then say they hope I go early (I don’t know do I look uncomfortable or are they just remembering the last weeks of their pregnancies?). Frankly, as much as I thought this kid might come early…I’m giving up hope in that. I’m still rather comfortable (as comfortable as you can be at eight plus months pregnant) I still walk for an hour every morning with my dogs (admittedly slower than before), and although baby’s head is down as it should be, it’s not low or uncomfortable. Now where was I going with this…oh right…are we ready. In truth I think yes and no. We have enough that if baby showed up today we’d be ready, but the house is not totally prepared yet. The diapers still need washed, some sewing still needs done, I could definitely vacuum again (and again and again…it’s still shedding season here), the hospital bags isn’t packed but really what do you need?

Are we ready to be parents? I think so…I think we’ll be a bit overwhelmed at first (as I suspect most first time parents are), there will be a steep learning curve, sure, but I think we’re ready. Thankfully my dogs are great with babies/kids (although Bailey doesn’t trust them he keeps a very close eye on our friend’s seven week old daughter when she’s on our floor, in case she suddenly learns to walk and can chase him), but they are very gentle and I think they’ll settle in pretty quickly to a new addition to our little family. As for the cats…who knows we’ll see, but we’ve got the crib protected so we needn’t worry about mickey sleeping with baby. As for Jason and I, I think we’ll do just fine. I know we’ll figure out diapers, swaddling, bathing, soothing, feeding…. eventually. It’s the other things we have to stay on top of, those things you just don’t think of when it’s the two of you…baby need’s a doctor (check, thank-you!), an OHIP number, to be added as a dependent to our health care plan, we should probably start researching and wait-listing on day care and doctors in Ottawa as soon as baby is born since the wait lists are so long, do we have enough life-insurance? When will we have time to update our wills?  It is things like this that I suspect will get away from us for the first while since a) we’re new to this and will be fully focused on baby at home and b) we’ve never had to think about those things before. But I think we’ll figure it out.


2 Responses to “Horray!!!!”

  1. jermangirl Says:

    Of course you’ll figure it out! Everyone does…it just takes time. Truth be told there’s a lot of that still not done around here. We haven’t updated our wills, increased our life insurance, put Nate on a wait-list for daycare in Cold Lake or even added him as a dependent on my pers file (rather pathetic for a Log O!!).

    I’m glad to know how you’re feeling about things…I hate to bug because it was the thing that kind of drove me crazy in my last few weeks – but of course I’m anxious to know how others are feeling even if I didn’t want to share myself! LOL

    In terms of soothing and feeding, here is my advice (for whatever it’s worth!) I read somewhere that a heartbeat pat on the back really helps calm new babies (two quick taps with a few fingers…very lightly) and it really worked with Nate. In fact when he gets worked up now I still use it and it settles him right down.

    Best advice with nursing is if you’re having trouble get help right away!! Call a public health nurse or lactation consultant or the local La Leche League as soon as you think there is a problem or you have any questions. If you leave it you’ll just get more frustrated and anxious and you risk nipple damage, etc. Not fun. There is help out there…you just need to ask 🙂

    Down from my soap box now. Mailed your baby gift today!*hugs*

  2. eva Says:

    My 2 cents on breastfeeding: it’s awfully painful at first, usually because of a bad latch. Go see a lactation consultant if possible, because the one I saw showed me a totally new-to-me latching-on technique that worked perfectly. Until then I’d been following my midwife’s latching method, which just didn’t work for Megan or for my (lack of) fine motor skills at all!

    And…you have a WILL??!! Holy crap are you ever ready to be parents! We still don’t have wills…eek!

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