Cruel Reality

May 25, 2008

Women who are 8+ months pregnant should not wear their pre-pregnancy yoga pants in public. Unfortunately for my neighbors they are still very comfy and I don’t consider gardening, dog walking, or a quick trip to the corner store for bread ‘public’.

On an unrelated but still cruel note, the following thought passed through my head today while vacuuming (Our Doula is coming over this afternoon, didn’t want her choking on the pet hair) “hmmm…mom’s not back until Wednesday which means I’m going to have to vacuum again…oh well at least it gives me something to do…”

Sigh…vacuuming for entertainment…very glad my mom is coming back to help pass these last three (maybe five) weeks:)


One Response to “Cruel Reality”

  1. jermangirl Says:

    That’s ok Jackie…I now find laundry day entertaining because it gives me something to do instead of just sitting on the floor cooing at an 8 month old! LOL

    And if you want proof that women who are 6 months post partum shouldn’t wear their pre-pregnenacy running clothes, check out this hideous pic!!

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