On the subject of names

May 22, 2008

I’m about three weeks away from my due date (so five weeks away from meeting this kid if any of the new first time moms around here are any indication) and we still have no name for this child. We come up with some we agree on, but then I waffle and change my mind (even if it was one I suggested) or I’ll bring up an old one that Jason has already vetoed and this time he likes it. So I guess what I’m wondering is how much did you love your child’s name before you gave it to him or her? Did you have one picked out then change it when you saw your baby for the first time? Did it take some time for baby to grow into their name so that you felt it truly fit them? Like I said, we’ve got some ideas, but nothings feels perfect yet…I guess I’m just wondering if it ever does or if you need to meet the kid first.


5 Responses to “On the subject of names”

  1. jermangirl Says:

    It totally took some time! We had a girls name picked right from the get go, but only a semi-short list of boys names before Nate was born (none of which I loved). So when he came out an Dale told me it was a boy my first thought was “Darn it! Now we have to pick a name!!” LOL SO we settled on Nathaniel, Nate for short and that was that. But it took me at least a couple weeks to get used to calling him by his name and then probably almost 3 months before I really started to like his name and feel like it “fit”.
    My only advice would be not to feel pressured to pick a name immediately after the baby is born. Don’t be afraid to give yourself a few hours to talk about it and decide if you’re at all unsure. I kind of wish we’d taken a little bit longer to talk about it after he arrived. I’m happy with the name now, but think it might have grown on me sooner if I’d been more sure at the start.

  2. Allison Says:

    I think it took 3 months before I stopped inadvertently referring to Ivan as “the baby.” I found it hard to say his name out loud, because he was “the baby” for the entire pregnancy, and having him outside of my belly felt completely surreal (it still does)! It also took a while to grow on me, because I wasn’t 100% into it from the beginning (it was Josh’s pick). Sam, however, was my pick, and we knew he was going to be a boy so we had more time to process his name before he was born.

    As for the waiting-until-you-meet-them issue, you may have heard me joke about how Ivan looks like the Campbell side of the family, but got the Eastern European name… and Sam looks more like a Klemen, but got the Scottish name. Go figure. 🙂

  3. eva Says:

    We found out that we were having a girl at 32 weeks, and picked “Rachel.” AND told everyone when they asked, that our baby would be a Rachel. Then the afternoon before I went into labour (2 weeks after my due date, LOL!) Brad and I were out hiking and decided we were SICK of the name Rachel. He proposed Megan and I loved it, so that was that. Unfortunately relatives had done things like get a blanket embroidered with “rachel” so we had some explaining to do!

  4. eva Says:

    Oh and we referred to her as “Rach-I mean Megan” for the first week or so!

  5. tricia Says:

    I have always pre picked my kids names. and some how they just fit!

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