Sad but True…..

May 6, 2008

– I’ve vacuumed the living room more in the last ten days (with Jason gone) than I have in the last two months!

– It’s a beautiful day outside but none of my fur-shedding zoo crew feel like hanging on the deck…even with the vacuum running.

– I made a batch of cookies a few weeks ago and froze half the batter. I’ve learned that frozen cookie dough can be eaten cooked right out of the freezer.

– No matter how often I’ve purged and cleaned the house these last two weeks, I am still the queen of clutter (really…were does it all come from!).

– I’ve diplomatically decided that the floor washing/ serious bathroom scrubbing/ dusting can wait until this weekend since company doesn’t arrive until Tuesday next week. Until then a quick once over with the vacuum and a standard bathroom clean will do just fine.

– I’m comfortable and genuinely happy with the above decision 🙂

– Jason is home sometime today and I’m very excited as we have a ‘date’ planned; The sad part is we are going to different movies (sorry but Ironman is not my idea of a good flick) and I’m really excited to have some movie theatre popcorn.


4 Responses to “Sad but True…..”

  1. jermangirl Says:

    Doesn’t sound sad at all to me…except the fur-crew not wanting to be outside. Cleaning can totally wait until Jason is home 🙂

  2. theunforgivingminute Says:

    he he he sounds to me like you’re nesting!

  3. Lisa Says:

    Ha ha….different movies? Too funny.
    Nesting is such a fun part of pregnancy!

  4. Different movies! I love it!

    I feel you on the clutter. I cannot seem to get rid of it all!

    Dacey and I made choc chip cookie dough earlier this week. I made twelve cookies and we have all been snacking on the dough the rest of the week!

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