Home Alone…

May 1, 2008

…or at least alone as you can get with four pets in the house. Jason is in the field until Tuesday for a local excercise; he’s been lucky enough to come in twice so far to catch a shower and some real food (they are eating IMP’s, so all packaged, processed and preserved to the hilt kind of things). This is the first time since we’ve been married that it is me at home with the ‘kids’ while he is away and I’ve learned a few key things:

– my living room floor is not the slef-cleaning model and apparently Jason has a lot to do with keeping it fur-free (just kidding I knew this, but with shedding season in full swing here, I didn’t realize just how often he must vacuum)

– it’s alot easier to convince yourself to cook a real meal when you know there will be some else there to eat it too. I’m still eating, but some nights it’s a lot easier to throw together a quick sandwich and salad rather than actually COOK something.

– I get bored a lot easier when Jason isn’t home….I had grand visions of all the sewing I’d get done while he was away, but have yet to actually accomplish any of it. Without him sitting at the table on his computer and using the stereo in the livingroom it is far to easy to turn on the tv and sit around bored for hours even though there is nothing on.

    I’m pretty sure I’ll survive…but it’s been a real eye-opener on the house work front. I’m going to have to come up with some kind of schedule when I’m home with the little one or nothing will get done. Yesterday I forced myself to get up off the couch and clean the bathrooms, but was down-right beat once I’d fininshed (did I mention fatigue has returned now that I’m in my third trimester). Today’s goal is to vacuum the livingroom before the hair balls get big enough to attack my cats. On a final note, my hat goes off to all of you out there who I know do this all the time. I can only imagine the adjustments that will need to be made when Jason goes away on tour or on an out of town course I have a little one to care for as well as myself and my zoo crew.


2 Responses to “Home Alone…”

  1. jermangirl Says:

    LOL – if you’re making salad and sandwiches you’re doing pretty well for yourself. In the last two weeks alone I dinner here has consisted of ice cream on at least 2 occasions and of cinnamon toast on more than a few!

    I can relate to the boredom and need for a schedule…I’m still struggling with that! Currently I’m working on a home management system modeled after the one at simplemom.net – we’ll see how that works!! And believe me – I am beyond thankful for my non-shedding labradoodle these days. At least Nate is only chewing on Mom and Auntie Gill hair when he’s on the floor 🙂

  2. eva Says:

    Don’t forget your monster list of reading materials next time you’re bored! Btw I often JUST have salad for dinner. Sandwich? Pshaw – waaay too much work 🙂 Only over the past week or so have I gotten a cooking system in place: I prep after Megan goes to bed, then all I have to do is bake/fry/heat the next day. We’ll see how long this lasts.

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