Yeah, this is a month late; but believe it or not it took me this long to get all the photos on my computer 🙂

My little sister (through a community program) B.J and I coloured eggs last week in preparation for Easter. first we started with an easter egg hunt where she had to find a dozen coloured plastic eggs throughout the main floor of my house.

Don’t ask how the pineapple fits in, seemed like a good idea at the time (we always have fun)

Most of the eggs held candy, but one of them had her gift from our trip to Florida

(excuse the fuzzy pics, the camera was on the wrong setting, they get better)

Then we got on to the real work


Hair Cut

April 15, 2008

  I finally had to give in and get a hair cut. Jason’s grad parade is tomorrow and there was no way I was going to a parade with my half-assed, hugely assisted by bobby pins frenchbraid. So yesterday I went and had a trim, to just above my collar (I’ll post pics soon once I’m back at home and finished this final paper for my degree). Truthfully I couldn’t be happier. My hair was getting very shaggy looking and it was very thin in the back since there were so many layers in the original short cut. It looks soooooo much better right now and will grow out much nicer now that I’ve got a few more longer layers in the back.

Score of the day…

April 9, 2008

I had my regular two week check up today and baby and I are both doing fine. The little lass/lad decided to turn head-down for me so hopefully he/she will stay that way now. After my appointment I decided to check out one of the local second-hand kid stores that I hadn’t seen yet. I’m not really looking for anything for baby, but their website said they had maternity clothes too so I thought I’d check it out. To my utter amazement they had four formal outfits on the rack (I need something to wear to my Graduation Ball next month), I narrowed it down to two and then picked the cheaper one which was slinkier and less tent like. It’s currently a little big in the bust, but we’ll see what happens over the next three weeks then a local (wonderfully talented) skilled friend is going to take it in for me. The best part, I got it for 40% off the asking price so I just bought a ‘ball gown’ for $30!!

Yay me!