41 things about me

April 29, 2008

I love reading peoples 100 things posts and am so far from my 100th post that I’m stealing a page from my cousins blog and putting up 41 things for my 41st post.

1. I was born three months premature and weighed only 2 lb 10 oz at birth.

2. I looked like a drowned rat…seriously not a cute baby until I started to pile on the baby fat.

3. My mom was on holiday when I was born so eventually she had to leave me in the NICU in Saskatoon to go home and take care of my brother, my god-mother Sheri (who was attending U of S) came to visit me everyday and to this day we still have a special relationship, no matter where in the world she is living.

4. My family is freakishly normal and happy, same as my husbands…we hope to foster the same environment with our own kids.

5. I talk to my mom at least once a week, so does my husband (his mom).

6. I joined the military at age 17 and needed my parents signature.

7. I currently hold the rank of Captain in the Canadian airforce.

8. Through my military training I’ve earned two degrees with no student debt.

9. Instead I ‘paid’ (and will pay as I just finished this last degree) with time served.

10. I love my job.

11. My trade is Aerospace Controller, but what I did (when not in school) was Air Traffic Control in the terminal (so not control tower work, but talking to planes while monitoring them on a radar screen).

12. I’m not sure what my new job in Ottawa will entail, but I know it is related to any and everything the Canadian Forces is involved in in Space.

13. I met my husband in Comox BC, we had a mutual friend who was going away on course and he introduced us because we were both interested in rock climbing (a sport you cannot do alone).

14. We were friends for years before we started dating.

15. He proposed before we’d even been dating for a year; in the backyard while we were playing with our new puppy.

16. We had a long engagement and were married in Aug 2006.

17. Our wedding was PERFECT. Seriously I cannot think of one thing I would change.

18. The day after our wedding we packed up the pets and started our drive across country to Ontario, where I would be attending school.

19. We wanted to start a family right after we were married, but then I was accepted for a master’s program so I said we had to wait (there was no way we were going to have a kid with both of us studying).

20. We got pregnant right away and are expecting our first child in June

21. I’ve had a very easy pregnancy with no morning sickness or complications.

22. I’m convinced labour and delivery is going to be hell or the kid will be a hellian 🙂 (it only seems fair since the pregnancy was so easy).

23. I own two dogs and two cats…I can blame all but one cat on my husband.

24. I don’t really like cats; but don’t worry, mine are well taken care of and pampered.

25. That being said, if I have my way (which I probably won’t see #23) we’ll never own cats again. These two are great, but come on how much luck can one family have.

26. I tend to be quite and reserved when meeting new people; at times I believe this leave a poor first impression and people think I’m a little stuck up.

27. I’m trying to work on this.

28. My husband is great with people and can talk to anyone, I admire this.

29. I want four kids, but Jason is more comfortable with the idea of three.

30. We’ve decided we’ll start with one and see how it goes.

31. I never want to own a minivan.

32. I’m a station wagon kind of lady.

33. I’m 33 wks pregnant and we have no idea what to call this kid.

34. I love to travel.

35. Last summer Jason and I fulfilled our dream of a Europe vacation (just in time before we got pregnant).

36. We both want to go back and share the experience with our growing family.

37. I love to snowboard and really miss living close to the moutians.

38. Same goes for hiking and camping.

39. I have a ridiculous number of fillings in my teeth, even though I brush and floss regularly.

40. I pierced my tongue during my last year of university; I kept the piercing until I lost one of the fasteners on vacation in the Dominican Republic, with no replacement I couldn’t keep the piercing in place and it grew over.

41. I pierced my eyebrow shortly after university and loved it; then one day (about three years later) I just stopped wearing it.


5 Responses to “41 things about me”

  1. jermangirl Says:

    I didn’t know you were a premie! I can’t imagine how scary that must have been for your parents! 4 kids??? I barely manage one some days…I wish you luck on that one 🙂 LOL

    Can’t believe you’re 33 weeks already! Time flies!

  2. tricia Says:

    guess what i knew all 41!

    very cool post!

  3. Lisa Says:

    Came to you through Tricia!

    I loved reading your 41 things. I always thought I’d be a station wagon girl too but I wouldn’t trade my mini-van for ANYTHING! There’s no turning back now.

    May you be blessed with a wonderful labour and a happy baby!

  4. eva Says:

    Great post! #4 made me laugh though – without the apostrophe it looks like you have multiple husbands 🙂

  5. studentsoflife Says:

    HaHaHa….darn grammer…lol.

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