Weighing in on stuff

April 28, 2008

    There has been a lot of talk about stuff lately (if you haven’t already, check out the story of stuff) and it has really made me stop and take a look at our house and the life we lead. Jason and I are all about stuff, the shinier the better. We are certified gear geeks who love to camp, hike, and rock climb. With this pregnancy I’ve added babywearing to my list and already own five carriers (and I don’t even have a kid yet).  I like to think I could take the compact challenge, but I know I’m not there yet.  

   Alas, I also know that I’ve written on several other peoples blogs that everyone has to start somewhere and every little bit helps. I also firmly believe that acknowledging that there is a problem with consumerism today is a step in the right direction. That being said for this post I’ll focus on the positive and then in a month or so I’ll update on how the consumers in the Beaudette-Towle household are holding up.  So positive steps we’ve taken to reduce our consumption of stuff:

– all of the baby clothes we have (except two outfits) has been bought used or gotten from free cycle

– we freecycle and do a quarterly purge of the house to donate items to the Canadian Diabeties Association Clothes Line

– at least 75% of the baby shwagg (including three of those five carriers) was bought second-hand

– on the disposiable front we’ve stopped even our limited use of paper towels (to be honest the only place I miss them is when cleaning bathroom mirrors), I’ve switched from disposable pads to luna pads and a diva cup, we plan to use cloth diapers and wipes on Baby T vice disposables, and we use cloth grocery bags.

   It’s a start, and every little bit helps (both the planet and our pocket books!)


3 Responses to “Weighing in on stuff”

  1. jermangirl Says:

    Definitely a good start Jackie!! Out here we’re clearing out and cleaning up for the spring Wallace Garden’s garage sale next month. I am a purging freak right now! If I don’t use it or don’t love it it’s gone because I don’t want to have to move it!

    I’ve been falling off the wagon a bit with the baby clothes myself…Joe stuff is just way too cute. But I’m trying hard. Sounds like you’re doing great though! Can’t wait for another update!

  2. tricia Says:

    Hey Jackie Cool post!

    Im also trying hard to eliminate the STUFF in my life. and make good choices for our family and the earth. cant do the challange thing… not yet! ha really buy nothing for a year?!

    thats great that you will be a cloth diaperin mama… I tried, but found I was just too over whelmed with the laundry (the service would’nt come to us cause we are in an apartment! GRR) But it never too late to try again right?

    I am trying to simpilfy, yet still be about the details is that possible?

  3. eva Says:

    I think we’re on the same wavelength – I love “stuff” way too much for my own good, but have also managed to get a lot of it secondhand. As for cloth diapering, since you have all the gear I’m sure you’ll use it. And carriers – I have four and really only regret one of them (cuddly wrap), so I’m sure you’ll put yours to good use. Are you getting excited for the big day?!

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