Poor Puppy

March 26, 2008

    This is a bit of a march challenge update (I said I’d walk an hour each day this month) but it’s mostly about my dog…so if that is not your thing, you’ve been warned. I’ve been doing pretty well with my walking I was a little side tracked on vacation and after the first late night didn’t get my walk in on Saturday, but we walked out little hearts out in the parks for the rest of the trip. When we got home I got right back on schedule (thanks to my wonderful walking partner) and I even got my walk in on Good Friday, then things went a little down hill.

My human walking partner is in Florida for the next two weeks so me and the dogs are on our own. Now for the dog part, Tia is out as well. We had both dogs kenneled while we were away in Florida at a vacation spot for dogs. This guy has 10 acres of fenced yard and lets the dogs run free (with dogs of similar size and temperment…and yes Jen believe it or not even my mean bitch Tia does alright with other dogs when there are 10 acres and no humans around to protect…I know I was shocked too!). Anyhow sometime while frolicking in the woods on vacation Tia torn one of her nails. This is not the end of the world and happens to her frequently enough that we can usually deal with it. The problem this time is that we didn’t really notice it right away so  I walked her for three days and the crack spread splitting her nail down to the quick and right up to where nail meets paw! There was no way I was cutting it myself (as we’ve done in the past) and it was Easter weekend (and to make matters worse the nail was starting smell a little funky…so we suspected infection). Thankfully the vet was open on Saturday for regular hours so they cut the nail and cauterized it and gave us some puppy pain killers and antibiotics to get rid of the infection.

one sad puppy, before we took her to the vet we had it bandaged (to keep it clean) and the sock is to keep her from licking it

Here she is sporting the cool purple bandage the vet used (they gave us a roll to use a home, this stuff is awesome! you don’t need tape as it is self adhesive, but it doesn’t stick to her fur.

   Anyhow, back to walking; without my human partner and my fabulous fur duo I shamelessly got Jason to run Bailey for the three remaining days of Easter weekend. While I was busy working on homework, I certainly could have taken Bailey for a leash walk, but the boy likes to run and I was feeling for Tia (since she knew they were going to the field to play ball) so I stayed home and tried to placate her (yeah no kids yet…I know)). Anyhow after a three day hiatus, I’m back on the horse again. I tried walking both dogs this morning but only got a third of our usual walk in before Tia started to limp, so she is off for a few more days, but I made up the lost time this evening at the gym. My goal now is to keep walking all through J-Y’s vacation so I can still keep up to him when he gets back.


One Response to “Poor Puppy”

  1. jermangirl Says:

    How do you know I’d be questioning that? LOL But that’s fabulous about the kennel…not so fabulous about the nail, Poor Tia! Give her hugs from Nate, Turner and I! I have been following along with your tales about your trip – sounds like a blast and makes me want to go to Disney World! I’ve never been you know.

    And don’t worry too much about the walking (pregnant ladies deserve a break every now and then!!). I’m sure you’ll get back on track this week. I’ve missed more than a few smoothie days…but I’m of the opinion anything is better than nothing and I’m having them more days than I’m not.

    And I totally agree Tia needed some company at home. Believe it or not…you do still love your animals even after baby arrives! In fact tonight I kept Nate up past his normal bedtime and carried him on my back at agility (babysitter was sick!) just so that Turner didn’t miss HIS night out!

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