Hollywood Studios and Epcot

March 21, 2008

We took Wednesday off from the parks and hit an outlet mall and Downtown Disney instead (this is where we actually found the book we wanted). We also had HUGE ice cream sundaes, but I don’t have the picks yet.

Thursday we went to MGM and Epcot (ah…the joys of a park hopper). Again we hit MGM right at park opening and headed straight for the Tower of Terror (my personal favorite) and Rockin’ Roller Coaster. Jason rode each one once, at my insistence, then we headed off to enjoy the slower rides in the park. I really wanted to see the Lights, Motors, Action stunt show since we missed it last time and we planned our day around hitting that (our usually ride till you’re sick strategy does not allow for taking in these timed shows that only present two to three times a day since you usually have to be there 30 – 45 min early to get a seat, and come on, that is good rollercoaster/ride time). It was cool, especially since it involved a lot of sitting and we could eat our lunch while waiting. By now, Jay and I had abandoned the camera (we’re bad for taking it and not using it) and I don’t have all of Steven’s pictures yet so none to share. We did get a picture of the mouse eared water tower on the back lot tour though (just to prove we were there…lol)

Early afternoon, we headed to Epcot. Again there are a couple ‘big’ rides I can’t do there, but Space Ship Earth was open (it was closed in Aug) and the up grades where cool and had Jay and I laughing (at the end of your tour you answer a few questions and they do a little animated story using your pictures pasted on cartoon bodies…it was fun). We also went to do Nemo Under the Seas, which we skipped last time in favour of cooler big kid rides. It too was neat, there is an interactive part at the end where you can talk to Crush the turtle, it was pretty cool. Then we headed off to the France pavilion for a quick bite as we had already devoured our packed lunches in MGM and it was getting later in the day.

On of my favorite things about the Disney parks is the atmosphere…no body does it quite like disney. My favorite in all the parks is the intricately carved and painted shrubs, here are a couple from Epcot.


One Response to “Hollywood Studios and Epcot”

  1. lisa Says:

    Disney land looks so fun!
    And you look great!

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