Magic Kingdom

March 20, 2008

   We went to Magic Kingdom on Tuesday. We didn’t realize that there was a Princess/Pirate party that night, which means that the park closes at 19h00 and you need to pay more to stay for the parade and fireworks. It actually worked out in our favour since we had park-hopper tickets it meant we could go to another park that was open later, and most people didn’t pick Tue as their magic kingdom day since it was a shorter day (the park is usually open until 23h00 with a cool fireworks display at 22h00) so there were not many crowds.

As per the Disney strategy discussed yesterday we raced to Big Thunder mountain for fast passing, then headed off to Pirates of the Caribbean. After a few rides we coupled off so that Steven and Melanie could go hit the roller coasters and Jason and I could amble around the park. We got to do It’s a Small World (which was closed the last three times I’ve been to a Disney park (either land or world)), and the haunted mansion which was closed when Jay and I were down in Aug. As we wandered through the park we saw a Character who I swear did one of the best Jack Sparrow impressionations I’ve ever seen, he even had the movements right.

We met up with Mel and Steven mid day and did a few more rides together and got some good pics in front of the castle


then we went our own way again and Jason and I hung out on Main Street for a bit

We were pretty good about not going too crazy shopping for baby (at one point in the trip planning Jason had his heart set on a huge stuffed mickey; we decided it would be more fun in a few years to let Baby T pick his/her own stuffie). We did get two Disney anthologies with most of the old stories Jason and I remember and some on the newer ones too. We also got one outfit, the first piece of new clothing we’ve bought for this munchkin.


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