Note to self….

March 17, 2008

…. As a Canadian service member I am NOT entitled access to an American base. We left last Friday for Florida in the late afternoon, the plan was to push to Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland…it made for a long day, but then the weekend wouldn’t be so bad and we would get in early sunday afternoon. Well push we did and we made it to Andrews by around 12h30 on Saturday morning, since we’d made reservations I didn’t think it was going to be a big deal, I thought (like in Canada) I could flash my military id, get on base and get some sleep. Boy was I wrong! They collected all of our IDs and the passport of the civilian who was traveling with us. We were then detained (in our car) for the next two hours while they decided whether they should let us on base or not. After about an hour we thought we’d ask for our IDs back and hit the nearest hotel; “Sorry” the Sgt said, “I’ve been told not to let you leave”. An hour later he gave us back our IDs and apologized, he couldn’t let us on base, he felt awful for keeping us there until close to 3h00 in the morning. The only saving grace was that all of the american MPs that we dealt with (at one point they had the car surrounded and were gathering our ‘field information’…tattoos, markings, birth date, SIN, etc.) were good guys who where not being jerks. Even the Sgt (which isn’t like a sgt in the Canadian forces, he had no authority and little experience less than five years), who was back from Iraq for only two months and just found out that evening he was going back in the next two, was polite. In fact he recommended a great hotel about 15 miles down the road (and apparently in a safer part of town), it was one of the best (albeit short) sleeps we had on the drive. I have tonnes of pictures to share, but don’t want to bog down one entery so here is a parting shot of the four of us (self portrait) in Animal Kingdom on Monday.


2 Responses to “Note to self….”

  1. jermangirl Says:

    Oh dear! What was the problem? I thought people stayed in Officer’s quarters at American base all the time?? Weird! Can’t wait to see more pics and hear more about the trip!

  2. tricia Says:

    that sounds wild… Id be freeked ou!!!!! ha

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