March update #2

March 6, 2008

    Well I managed to get my walk in yesterday, the weather warmed up during the day and the streets were manageable after supper so Jason and I took the dogs out. I walked this morning and will tomorrow too, then it is off to Florida for a week, so don’t expect to see much around here for a few days.

Unfortunately my cold has gone from bad to worse and a sore throat/cough kept me up all night so I’m working from home again today, no need to subject my co-workers to my coughing all day; it is great to have that option. I intend to go take a nap then hit the books this afternoon. I learned a valuable tip today, that I can’t  believe I didn’t know before: salt water gargle for sore throats. I swear relief (while somewhat short lived, 10/15 min) is immediate.


One Response to “March update #2”

  1. Awwwwww! So sorry to hear things are still yucky. Hope you are feeling better soon. Take care of yourself!

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