March Update

March 3, 2008

    I’m going to take an optomistic approach here and say so far so good. In reality, I kind of cheated on Saturday as Jason and I only got 40 min or so in with the dogs, so to reach my hour goal I counted 20 min of grocery shopping as walking (cheating yes I know…but noone likes to fail on the first day!). To make up for it I went for a two hour snowshoe on Sunday with my friendly dog and his pal Anouk, the weather was gorgeous and I would have gone longer if I didn’t have things to do in the afternoon. Of course I got my hour in this morning (hooray for walking partners), and anticipate no problems for the rest of the week, since it is just part of our weekday routine. On Friday afternoon however, we leave for Florida, so wish me luck in eeking out a hour (and the energy) to walk on Saturday while we frantically drive towards vacation bliss (because who are we kidding, driving just does not count as part of the vacation, it is simply a means to an end).


One Response to “March Update”

  1. jermangirl Says:

    It may be tough….but I’m sure that walking an hour after a long day of driving will make you feel sooooo much better! And it it makes you feel any better…I didn’t drink a smoothie yesterday either, I was out for brunch and dinner and just wasn’t feelin’ the smoothie as a bedtimes snack!

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