Belly pics

February 28, 2008

What a difference four weeks makes. My belly is now starting to get in the way when I tie my shoes, but I realize that I “ain’t seen nothin’ yet”. Hopefully I can stave off needing Jason to tie my shoes until the weather warms up and I can get away with sandals 🙂

Things continue to go well. I finally got news of my first OB appointment (we’ve been waiting for months to hear about this); I meet him/her end March and Jason is hoping to be able to come. He hasn’t made it to an appointment yet due to his course, for some reason my appointments are always scheduled when he has a critical review or a test. We start our prenatal classes the day after we meet our doctor; once we’re finished with the classes we’ll have a few meetings with our Doula, Donna, to discuss our wishes during and after the birth. I’m still sleeping pretty well, although I do wake up at least three times a night. Baby Towle is kicking up a storm lately and we can now ‘see’ his/her movements through the belly – very cool.


One Response to “Belly pics”

  1. eva Says:

    You look great! Makes me nostalgic for being pregnant which I NEVER thought I’d say but I adored watching the baby move around and puch and kick me – my favourite thing was to take a bath and watch my stomach “perform” for me:) The shoe-tying was really annoying – I’d have to sit on my ass every time or get my husband to do it, and tying my own shoes while standing was one of the greatest feelings after Megan was born – made me grin to myself every time for several weeks!

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