February 14, 2008

    I went for a third ultrasound today. The results for the second one looked normal, but they did not have good view of the brain, hands and feet so they recommended a re-evaluation. I have more pics to share, but didn’t get them scanned yet…stand by to stand by….

School is driving my crazy at the moment. I have a conference in Fredericton next week and was really hoping to have some computer modeling done by then….the computer has other ideas.

I feel fat today. I know I’m pregnant and I know I’m still at a reasonable weight, but I’ve never weighed 170 lbs before, and now that I have a bit of a bump and it’s hard to bend over at times I feel tubby. I didn’t think I would.

Sleeping is beginning to be tricky…I usually wake up every two hours to switch sides. I hate sleeping on my side. That did not stop me from sleeping 11 hours last night from 18h30 to 05h30 this morning.

I think I’ll still go to bed at 21h00 tonight.

Jason and I do not celebrate valentines day (it seems to random and all commercial), but that didn’t stop us from vacuuming for each other today (because really what says I love you more than a fur free floor)

We’ve decided to get a doula for the birth and have found one who we are comfortable and who is available

I hope next post will flow better, but today I am working in point form

I learned three new carries with my wrap today, I hope I can retie them tomorrow.

Fat or not, I’m happy to be (almost) 23 weeks pregnant.

I’m not excited about the March trip to Disneyworld yet, part of my thinks it’s because I can’t go on all the cool rides, most of me thinks I’ll be pretty darn excited once this conference is over and I get something substantial written for my thesis (project).


One Response to “Randomness”

  1. eva Says:

    That fat feeling is hard to shake the more pregnant you get, especially once you have to get your husband to help you tie your shoelaces! The sleep thing is tricky- throughout my pregnancy I had trouble staying asleep because there was waaaay too much on my mind. Hopefully in your case it will just be a matter of getting used to sleeping on your side. If you haven’t already tried it, use a pillow between your knees, or hike the top knee up towards your belly and wedge a pillow under it – both of those were my favourite ways to sleep when pregnant.

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