All Dressed Up

February 29, 2008

My poor husband had to take a picture of his cranky pregnant wife last night before I left for a mess diner. For those non-military readers a mess diner is a fancy to-do where we all get together (usually in our fanciest and sharpest looking uniforms) and share a good meal with wine and have marches played and toasts and speeches made. Now my fancy uniform (mess kit) was cut for me seven years ago when I graduated from university so there was NO WAY it was going to fit. I wrote a quick e-mail and go permission to wear civilian attire. Thankfully my friend Sue is about three months ahead of me in her pregnancy and she needed a fancy outfit for the Christmas ball so she had a beautiful long jacket made out of some material she picked up while working for a few weeks in China. Better yet, although Sue is a bit more petite than I, the jacket fit and she lent it to me. Back to poor Jason being stuck taking pictures; We’d both just woken up from an afternoon nap so we weren’t at our most patient anyways. He took three initial shots and I complained they were to far away, he took two more from a very unflattering angle which I promptly deleted…we both walked away from the camera to breath. I asked for one more try before I left and here is the result.

I guess I should have kept some of the first ones since they showed the length of the coat and the entire outfit, but as I said I had just woken up and wasn’t too pleased with any of the pictures.

I think a lot of it is stemming from my hate for my hair at this length. I’m still trying (in vain in seems) to grow this mop out. It feels like the only thing that is growing with any speed is (quite annoyingly) my bangs. I made a comment yesterday to Jason about wanting to cut it all off again, he said I wasn’t allowed. Now please don’t misunderstand, much to my husbands chagrin, he has no say in how I wear my hair and I do not need to ask permission. But it was my idea to grow it out and if he had only said ‘do whatever you want’; which is sometimes his reply when I whine unnecessarily about something completely in my control, I probably would have an appointment today to get it cut. Unfortunately without him ‘letting me off the hook’ from my original goal to grow it out long enough to pull back I can’t quite give up that easily. So much for enabling…lol.


Belly pics

February 28, 2008

What a difference four weeks makes. My belly is now starting to get in the way when I tie my shoes, but I realize that I “ain’t seen nothin’ yet”. Hopefully I can stave off needing Jason to tie my shoes until the weather warms up and I can get away with sandals 🙂

Things continue to go well. I finally got news of my first OB appointment (we’ve been waiting for months to hear about this); I meet him/her end March and Jason is hoping to be able to come. He hasn’t made it to an appointment yet due to his course, for some reason my appointments are always scheduled when he has a critical review or a test. We start our prenatal classes the day after we meet our doctor; once we’re finished with the classes we’ll have a few meetings with our Doula, Donna, to discuss our wishes during and after the birth. I’m still sleeping pretty well, although I do wake up at least three times a night. Baby Towle is kicking up a storm lately and we can now ‘see’ his/her movements through the belly – very cool.

One Month Challenge

February 26, 2008

After reading Jen and Christy’s blogs about one month for my health, I decided to jump on the bandwagon. I’ve said I am going to walk for one hour EVERYDAY in March. Now this isn’t groundbreaking, I know, but I’m setting myself up for success here. I already walk seven days a week already with my dogs. But on the weekends I tend to slack off and take the dogs to the field so they can run and chase the ball…this does not really count as a walk for me….I do very little exercise. I also want to continue taking the dogs to the field on weekends as this is their big ‘steam release’ after five days of leash walking, so essentially this means I just need to take a bit more time on the weekends and the dogs get two walks, one on-leash and one off-leash.

The only challenge I really foresee here is the week of vacation we’re taking in March. Now I’m pretty sure I’ll get more than a hour of walking in at the theme parks everyday, but during our driving days I’m going to have to make a concentrated effort to get a walk in. Wish me luck!

Disappearing Act

February 21, 2008

I’m still here. I’ve just been preoccupied this week trying to get an assignment finished and to prepare for the conference that I’m at. I’d tell you about it, but someone once told me that physicists were boring….go figure. I can tell you that I’m in Fredericton, NB and the weather is gorgeous, cool but sunny…I wish I’d brought my skates! I’ve also learned that I can listen as hard as a want, there are somethings that I just don’t get and may never get…cause my gosh I’ve learned NOTHING from these talks and I’ve been listening. I think I read somewhere that baby can hear now (but it might be to early). I wonder if (s)he will grow up to be a physicist?

Thought of the day

February 15, 2008

Valentines day be darned….nothing says I love you like volunteering to get groceries on a Friday afternoon, so your wife doesn’t have to worry about it over the weekend…that my friends even beats vacuuming!

More Pictures of the unborn

February 15, 2008

   As I said before this third ultrasound was to get some clear shots of the hands, feet and brain since they weren’t all that clear in the 19 week one. Baby T had his/her hands over his/her face for most of the appointment, but with a little cajoling from the ultrasound tech (s)he moved his/her hands for  the last profile picture.





February 14, 2008

    I went for a third ultrasound today. The results for the second one looked normal, but they did not have good view of the brain, hands and feet so they recommended a re-evaluation. I have more pics to share, but didn’t get them scanned yet…stand by to stand by….

School is driving my crazy at the moment. I have a conference in Fredericton next week and was really hoping to have some computer modeling done by then….the computer has other ideas.

I feel fat today. I know I’m pregnant and I know I’m still at a reasonable weight, but I’ve never weighed 170 lbs before, and now that I have a bit of a bump and it’s hard to bend over at times I feel tubby. I didn’t think I would.

Sleeping is beginning to be tricky…I usually wake up every two hours to switch sides. I hate sleeping on my side. That did not stop me from sleeping 11 hours last night from 18h30 to 05h30 this morning.

I think I’ll still go to bed at 21h00 tonight.

Jason and I do not celebrate valentines day (it seems to random and all commercial), but that didn’t stop us from vacuuming for each other today (because really what says I love you more than a fur free floor)

We’ve decided to get a doula for the birth and have found one who we are comfortable and who is available

I hope next post will flow better, but today I am working in point form

I learned three new carries with my wrap today, I hope I can retie them tomorrow.

Fat or not, I’m happy to be (almost) 23 weeks pregnant.

I’m not excited about the March trip to Disneyworld yet, part of my thinks it’s because I can’t go on all the cool rides, most of me thinks I’ll be pretty darn excited once this conference is over and I get something substantial written for my thesis (project).