Pregnancy so far in pictures

January 30, 2008

Hopefully no one is offended by me in a sport bra with belly bare. If you are sorry, but it’s my site and well my belly…lol. First shot was taken at 6h30 on a sunday morning when I took the second pregnancy test of the whole lets get pregnant saga.
This picture was taken later in the day when Jason was awake and heard the good news, I’d be about 4 weeks with the current counting system of a 40 week pregancy. I’m keeping this photo as a goal to see if I can ever get into Nijmegen shape again (Nijmegen was a 160 km march I did this summer, but I’ll get into that in another post). You’ll be able see from the next few pictures that I’m trying to grow my hair long before baby comes (I love it short, like in this photo, but I get wicked bed-head in the morning, and while that is half the fun of short hair, I hear you don’t always get to shower when baby is around and pulling it back in a braid seems a lot more fun then walking around with bed-head all day).This is me at 8 weeks and uhhh… that’s not baby so much as bloat…

12 weeks (the toque is due to bad hair day as my hair is at this awful akward length and it seems plans to stay there for at least another month until I can pull it back)

16 weeks note the move to maternity jeans (even with no belly, buttons where just becoming too uncomfortable)

and finally 20 weeks


3 Responses to “Pregnancy so far in pictures”

  1. studentsoflife Says:

    He he he…This is the first time I’ve seen all five belly shots side by side like this…you can see I went from the chest of a twelve year old boy to finally filling an A

  2. Jen Says:

    You still look so tiny Jackie! And just so that you feel better – I’ve had a shower every day since Nate was born 🙂

    Thanks for the pics!

  3. theunforgivingminute Says:

    Love the pics! What a big difference between 16 and 20 weeks! You must be soooo excited. I am excited for you after seeing those pics!

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