Half Way

January 28, 2008

            Half way there and this has been a pretty uneventful pregnancy so far.  As excited as we are about this pending arrival it really doesn’t seem that real yet. Even though I have a room full of baby gear already…and I went shopping for some more little outfits over the weekend, it’s hard to believe that in 20 short weeks (give or take) we will be parents. I know this will be a life altering moment and our world will never be the same, but to be honest at this point it’s hard to fathom.            

       I do have a question for the moms out there though (especially the new ones who have it fresh in their memory) what the heck to I need for this impending bundle of joy? I think we’ve got the basic gear covered with a car seat, crib, change table, carriers (maybe next I’ll post about my newest baby wearing obsession with pics of my new (to me) toys).            

       What really hit me was yesterday while cruising the consignment shop for some clothes (all clothes ½ price to clear current inventory) was I have no idea what one needs for a baby. I have at least 10 diaper shirts that should fit right away, but I suspect eventually this child will need pants of some sort and maybe a sweater or two to keep warm, because even in summer months, it can get chilly at night. Will I need  a little coat or can I get a way with blankets and bundling for the first three months?  Then I got to thinking about receiving blankets and hooded towels….what do I need ladies?!?


4 Responses to “Half Way”

  1. theunforgivingminute Says:

    I am not a mom or a new mom but I’ll add my two cents as to what I’d go after. Clothes are lots of fun but I think right away about the misc stuff. Zincofax or any diaper rash cream, tub or chair for bathing, bottle brushes, facecloths, pad for change tables, carrier – sling or backpack, little nail clippers, thermometer. You don’t need little hooded towels but they are really cute. Most people I know don’t use coats for small babies. There are all kinds of great places in Kingston for baby shopping. Have fun with it!

  2. […] for all you Moms out there, my friend Jackie over at Students of Life is looking for some advice (this post) on must -have baby items for her first baby due to arrive in June.  I’m sure she’d […]

  3. jermangirl Says:

    Hi Jackie! I linked to this post on my site so hopefully some other Mom’s will provide you with some feedback!

    As for my list:

    1. Lots of receiving blankets – we use them as burp cloths because the small cloths are pretty useless. Get a few big ones for swaddling too!

    2. Infant tylenol – not something you want to have to run out to pick up if you need it!

    3. A soother…believe me, even if you’re not planning on using one…when you can’t figure out how to get him/her to stop crying you’ll be willing to at least try it, and again…not something you want to send Jason out for at the last minute!

    4. A few light sleepers (make sure you have a least a few really small ones for the first few weeks incase you have a little baby like I did).

    5. I wouldn’t worry about a coat/jacket right away. Especially since it’ll be June, you can bundle with blankets until you figure out what works for you and what you really want/need.

    6. A nursing pillow is a godsend! I couldn’t have done without it.

    7. If you’re planning to breastfeed: Lanolin is essential, a head of cabbage for engorgement around days 3-6, a few nursing bras and I found I really liked having a pair of nursing p.j.’s for the first couple weeks when I stayed in them most of the day (after that I just went back to tank tops)

    Those are the necessities that I can think of that hadn’t already been mentioned. If I come up with others…I’ll post again!

  4. Definitely a nursing pillow. I loved my Boppy! Also, Boppy makes a new thing (well, new to me) called a Boppy Lounger that is a pillow for newborns to lay on. If you get EVERYTHING you need and someone wants to get you something else, definitely ask for that. I hear rave reviews.

    Basically, a well-stocked baby first aid kit is an essential. Don’t spend tons on clothes because they grow SO FAST. I have many outfits from when my oldest was a baby that still have tags on them because we just never got to them.

    A bouncer seat that vibrates has soothed many a fussy baby.

    A good swaddling blanket is awesome to have, too. We loved The Ultimate Swaddling Blanket (you can get it at the BabyCenter store) for both girls.

    Read “Happiest Baby on the Block” by Dr. Harvey Karp and invest in a copt of “The Baby Book” by Dr William and Martha Sears.


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