You’re pregnant?

January 24, 2008

  Still getting a lot of that. Approaching five months I’m still at that stage where you just look like you’ve packed on a few pounds but have no significant baby belly, mind you does anyone ever look pregnant in combats? The pregnancy has been blessedly easy so far. I had no morning sickness at all, but was extremely tired for the first trimester. Thankfully I had  no classes and was just working on my project, so I was free to make my own hours. I’m feeling less tired now, but getting up at 5h30 every weekday morning takes it’s toll and I’m trying to get into bed for 21h30 every night…some days it happens, others not so much. My class hours are still pretty flexible (I only have class Monday morning and Friday afternoons) so I can still catch a nap when I feel the need.

I’m starting to get belly pains as baby grows past the capacity of my abdomen. I can feel the baby move and have been able to for a few weeks now, nothing consistent, but it is very cool and reassuring (I figure a moving baby is a healthy one…flawed maybe, but don’t tell me that…I won’t listen anyway).  I keep flipping back and forth between wanting it to be June already (so I have a baby to love and hold) and hoping June takes forever to get here (since I have a tonne to accomplish between now and then in the school department). Really not much more to share…as I said it’s been a pretty uneventful (thankfully) pregnancy so far. I’m sure the worst is yet to come when I can’t reach my shoes to tie them and when sitting in class for 1.5 hrs is going to seem like torture…but I can wait (and I can’t, see told you I was torn). For now I’ll enjoy the stage I’m at.


2 Responses to “You’re pregnant?”

  1. jermangirl Says:

    I remember how hard it was to enjoy the stage I was at. I too felt very torn…wishing for September to be here already yet wanting it to stay away! June will come whether you want it to or not…and believe me there will probably be moments (whole days even) when you’re not convinced you’re happy that it did come. But mostly there will be days when you are just thrilled to be a Mom and amazed at this little being that moves and squirms and smiles and cries and amazingly looks like you and Jason all wrapped up into one bundle of cuteness!

    Did that make any sense at all??

    And don’t feel bad about the comabt/pregnant thing yet! When I started maternity leave at 8.5 months there were a few people at 407 who said “You’re pragnant??”

    You have to be kidding me!

  2. eva Says:

    I was like Jermangirl and like you will probably be – barely looked pregnant until about 41 weeks! Sure when I stood in profile in a fitted white shirt it was obvious, but every restaurant I went to throughout pregnancy tried to get me interested in the drink specials! The good thing was that I didn’t wear maternity clothes until around 26 weeks – just wore the Tummy Sleeve and button down baggy shirts.

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